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Sir Byron is The Goat, he can climb any mountain.

And guided by him, Rare Spirits will get out there.
We will go where no one else has.

In search of the most unique barrels of Rum,
Rare Spirits will travel the world, no looking back!
We will uncover every continent, every corner, every crack.

We will try any rum, at least once.

Rare Spirits will set out to acquire the gems.
But we won’t follow maps other men have made.
We will follow our big hairy audacious goal, all around the world.
Living the dream, from Sugarcane to Liquid Gold.

Rare Spirits will explore uncharted territories,
And then share those stories, with a drink in hand.
We will own, the finest collection of rare rums and rare minds.
We know this journey will change us, and we’ll drink to that.

So pack your bags, we’re leaving.

Shoulders back!



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